Love Your Work- Counselling for Wellbeing in the Workplace and Career Development

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I am a chartered psychologist with experience of counseling for workplace wellbeing and career development. I have experience of working in healthcare professionals’ education in a senior position.

Improving well being and decreasing anxiety and stress can lead to better career success. I can help you with this and more.

In addition to counselling for workplace wellbeing; I can support you with developing an effective CV, making effective work related decisions such as whether you are the right fit for a job or work with you to determine your career progression goals and how to achieve these.

If you are looking to explore constructive approaches to workplace issues that are affecting your well being this may also be the place for you.


What’s on Offer 

Services offered include advice on writing a successful CV, interview technique, coaching for career planning or development, and counselling and coaching based consultations for better wellbeing at work.

The service offered is confidential and not connected to any employing institutions.


Next Steps

The first meeting is up to 60 minutes long to establish your needs and immediate goals to progress and a client contract. If you then felt you would like to continue you will be offered a choice of face to face or Skype meeting as convenient.

Rates start at £75 per hour and negotiable if there are affordability issues.  Packages are available. Consultations are client need based and can last about an hour. The consultations should provide you with increased clarity about where you are, next steps and strategies that will help you with improved focus and wellbeing at work. If you would like to find out more by setting up a first meeting, please complete the form below.